• Are you…

    SEARCHING for meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment?

    READY to learn lessons rather than blame or feel victimized?

    WILLING to grow and fulfill your life’s mission?

    WANTING to create a plan that supports you
    in making your dreams, wishes and goals become reality?

    Are you…
  • Life Works Better With Joy!

    Get the tools necessary to survive today’s challenges.

    Learn why bad things happen to good people.

    Discover how to have an abundant life with Agents of
    Change, Management Consultants, Facilitators and
    Coaches for Personal & Professional Development!

    Life Works Better With Joy!
  • Our Mission

    To bring joy to others.

    To empower and support individuals and organizations in realizing and manifesting their visions, dreams, and goals.

    To provide a safe place to heal past incidents, uncover buried dreams, let go of limiting beliefs, and be your authentic self.

    Our Mission


Joy & Associates is an independent resource for you and your business. We offer business and life coaching, self-esteem building workshops, coach and leadership training, effective communication for dynamic relationships, sales and customer service training.

Self-Mastery Seminar Programs

Workshop: “The Gift of Self”

Workshop: “The Gift of Others”

Self Mastery Seminars – Coach & Leadership Training

“I am a gift” 52 Week Journaling Course

More SMS Programs…


    Joyful Thoughts….

     Bad habits are thinking skeptically, being pessimistic, doubting, looking critically on the things around you.  Good habits are thinking positively, seeing the good in every situation, never giving up hope, speaking kind words.  We are slaves to our habits.  Let’s be slaves to the good ones.