The 5 Second Rule

Remember when you got that really great idea? And then…
The phone rang, you got a new text, it’s was time for your next appointment, etc. Life took over.

While on a plane to Cleveland, I was listening to my newest acquisition on Audible, The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. And then I got this idea…Only this time, I acted ...

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What’s Love Got to do With It?

The Search for Love

We spend our lives in search of love. We search for that perfect someone who will love us for who we are, who will accept our shortcomings, who will forgive us when we become unlovable, and who will be with us through our journey in life.

It starts very early in our development; when we discover we have our ...

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Resolutions or Intentions? What will bring success to you in 2017?

New Year’s Resolutions…ugh!

If you’re like many people, when you think of a New Year, you think of all the things you didn’t get done last year. And the word “Resolutions” gives you an uneasy feeling! Recently, I had a client who didn’t want to actually state her “resolutions.” She was very cautious about saying aloud what she would resolve to do. You, too, may avoid making resolutions for fear of failing to achieve them which could cause you to feel a huge let ...

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Happy New Year! Discover the “Gift” Within You

I am a gift



A New Year

The new year brings promises of improvement and resolutions to become a better person. We promise to let the old year go along with all the unhappiness or unfulfilled dreams that it may have represented. We chase ...

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Are You On The Path To Your Purpose In Life?


“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step” 

– Confuscious

Where Are You Going? Are you on the path to your purpose?

You’re off and running into the New Year! You started off with goals and intentions to make this year the best. And before ...

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It’s Time for Halloween and Masks!!

Halloween is not the only time we put on masks.

Halloween - Joy and AssociatesIn October, as the days start getting cooler and the trees start to shed their leaves, we turn our attention to the big event at the end of the month – Halloween!  Costumes and masks are on display in the stores, along with pumpkin carving kits, pumpkins in all ...

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You are perfectly imperfect just as you are!

Quote-YouHave you ever done something that you later regretted?  Or long for things you don’t have? You always have been perfectly imperfect and you always will be!  Life is a series of lessons. Each lesson gives us a chance to experience happiness and sadness, honesty and sneakiness, kindness and hatred, compassion and cruelty, abundance and scarcity. While going through life’s lessons, you ...

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Who are you, really?

Who am I, really?

People who feel good about who they are produce better results in life – personally and professionally.

Everything we do starts with a thought.  And that first thought is shaped by the way we view ourselves.  If we see our Self as confident, creative, compassionate, and contributing to the betterment of Others, then feelings associated with these positive ...

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Fung Shui Your Mind, Body, and Spirit… with JOY!

Learn the secret to how to live your life without regrets.

Learn how to empower others without depleting yourself.

Face challenges with courage and anticipation instead of fear and anxiety.

Discover the power within; learn how to use it to attain your goals, and support others in attaining theirs, too! Joy will also share five secrets on “How to Create a Better Relationship with YOU” and five secrets on “How to create a better relationship with OTHERS. ” Attendees will also ...

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A New Year, a New You!

A New Year, a New You!

The New Year brings promises of improvement and resolutions to become a better person.  We promise to let go of the old year along with all the unfulfilled dreams or resolutions not met.  We chase after “new”.  We’re in a hurry to give up what we perceive as “old”.  Companies like Apple know this truth about us – we are hooked on “new”. New is like an addiction – a promise of something better and an assumption that what we ...

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