Self Mastery Seminars: “Effective Leadership Training”

SMS-successSelf Mastery Seminars: “Effective Leadership Training” is the key to personal and professional success!

This premier course is for those who want to sharpen their skills as an effective leader. Whether you are the head of a company, a department, or the front desk, you are influencing those around you. We teach you the art of gaining trust from colleague or client, how to develop satisfying and rewarding relationships, and how to cultivate an environment that empowers the people you manage to reach their full potential. Participants must have a willingness to develop their own Self Mastery and have a desire to lead with excellence. The fundamental skills taught in this program are built on coaching, which supports the goals of the individual as well as the organization.

The program includes intensive and comprehensive “hands-on” training. It is designed primarily for those who work directly with the public, be it client, customer, patient, student, employee, or peer. The information taught is critical for anyone who desires outstanding interpersonal skills. It equips people to use in-depth questioning that motivates people to find their own answers and solutions to personal and organizational challenges. We teach the Socratic approach to problem-solving. This method is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions. The program focuses on eighteen key points that address listening skills, open-ended questions and turning visions into reality.

Some of the key skills taught are the ability to:

  • Suspend judgment
  • Silence the “Voices” of the Mind
  • Focus attention on the client
  • Meet one’s own need for attention
  • Actively receive intuitive “messages”
  • Be “present” for another

There are two reasons for taking the Leadership Program:

  • To excel as a Leader and Coach
  • To Coach professionally

This is a 2 part certified program

Part One (six modules): A journey in mastering your own life.

Part Two (six modules): A continuing journey in mastering the art of leading, motivating and coaching others.

This program has over 100+ hours of training that is hands on or experiential. Participants will be coaching each other and Volunteer Clients to learn the skills taught in the program. Sessions are videotaped when possible, providing immediate feedback.

All Applicants are interviewed to insure that they are ready for this training. Ready to learn lessons rather than criticize, blame or feel victimized. Willing to grow, to take responsibility for their circumstances and fulfill their life’s mission. Wanting to empower others and make a difference. Able to make the time and financial commitment.

Tuition includes 12 Modules and Downloadable Material, Weekly Live Webinars, 100+ hours of personal and on-line training and personal coaching .


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