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BUSINESSMAN GROWS FROM SMALL BUSINESS WITH 3 EMPLOYEES TO 3 DIVISIONS WITH 30 EMPLOYEES: Joy has been my business and life coach for many years. I have had tangible results from her guidance and facilitation of my growth in business and personal relationships. For Example, when I first started with Joy I just got out of college and wanted to start my own business. I started with a small operation of 3 employees. Now, ten years later, I have 3 divisions and have grown to 30 employees. Thank you, Joy for being there and making my dreams a reality.–Tony Salazar, Owner C & D Construction

"THERE FOR ME IN DIFFICULT TIMES HELPING ME FIND JOY IN MY LIFE..." I met Joy at a networking function, and was drawn to her by the calm, intuitive, and supportive demeanor she presented while explaining who she was, and what she did. I attended an information session she hosted to provide additional information about Transformational Coaching, and left ready to sign-up for the Inner Negotiation Workshop. Joy could not have entered my life at a more perfect time. I was unable to attend the workshop I signed up for because of a major health emergency, but Joy was there for me to provide the counseling services I needed either by phone, or brief encounters to assist me in finding my way through a very difficult time in my life. I am now working with her in personal coaching sessions, and highly recommend her both as a speaker/facilitator for groups, or a personal transformational coach. She is a beautiful and aptly named person, and is helping me find joy in challenging times!–Crissy Manwaring, Owner, Manwaring Innovations, LLC

FINANCIAL ADVISOR FINDS ANSWERS AND RESOLVES PAST ISSUES: I have known Joy for several years and am truly inspired by her and her message! I had the opportunity to attend her 2 day workshop at a time I really needed to dig within and find some answers. Through the workshop, I was able to answer some questions and resolve some issues. I would recommend a session with Joy to anyone looking for a life coach... she is amazing! –Cathie Brower, Financial Advisor

CHILD FOCUS PARTICIPANTS LEARN NEW LIFE SKILLS: Thank you SO much for facilitating such a wonderful class.  The feedback from the participants was so positive I’m including a couple of the quotes below: “It was fun.” “Keep this class going." “Thank you for the staff’s efforts.  I felt very encouraged!” “Wonderful!  Thank you for your time.” “I really enjoyed the class and I can use what was taught to me in everyday life.” Your presentation was a wonderful addition to our life-skills series. –Kim Millholen,  Child Focus, Executive Program Coordinator

BUSINESS OWNER BELIEVES THAT SHE CAN BE, DO AND HAVE HER HEART'S DESIRES: Joy is a Powerful, Dynamic woman and leader. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Joy and to be coached and facilitated by Joy while taking the CT class with Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott. Joy is a warm, compassionate, yet strong leader and I see her going far, teaching others to do the same! Her warm loving, yet strong personality makes you believe that you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything your heart desires! I recommend her work to all who are seeking more for themselves in their lives!... –Denise Johnson, Business Owner, Amore' Mia Bella Candles

GREAT INSPIRATION - SHE PROVED TO BE A ROLE MODEL WHO INSPIRED US TO STRETCH OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONES... I met Joy almost ten years ago when she coached a team of individuals in PSI Seminars’ 90-day Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics goal-setting program. I was one of the lucky participants on that team! 

Joy inspired me from the very first moment I met her. Her professionalism shined through that room and her genuine love for helping people was energizing. She proved to be a role model who inspired us to stretch outside our comfort zones and not stop until we had our big dreams.

Joy has a natural ability to motivate and set the tone in a room and as such proves to be an outstanding public speaker with a natural ability to captivate an audience. I have continued to have the pleasure of working with Joy in various roles over the years as she continues to stretch herself in creating ways to help people live a rich and fulfilling life.

In 2005, Joy and I were students in Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott’s inaugural Coach’s Training Program in Las Vegas. Joy was largely responsible for introducing us to this training and for generating enough interest amongst her peers to form this first class with several others to follow. Joy and I were fellow-coaches in several two-day Inner-Negotiations Workshop also offered by the MMS Institute and she is an outstanding life coach.

 Joy is extremely creative and tons of new ideas are always flowing out of her. The possibilities are endless with Joy. What’s most humbling for me about Joy is that she continues to be a student of life who eagerly learns, grows and shares her new discoveries with everyone with the purpose of making this world a better place. I highly recommend Joy! –Theresa Jacobson  Owner & Life Coach at Success Principles for Life, LLC

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