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Our mission is to educate, inspire and motivate people all over the world to create a joyous, fulfilling life.
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Our training programs help men and women transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. They are designed specifically to take inspired action towards your big goals.

Private Coaching

Joy Huntsman offers private life and business coaching for men and women who want help getting unstuck, finding their purpose, launching their business or taking action towards their goals.

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Join a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who are willing to learn, open to opportunities and support each other along the way. Get monthly training, mentorship, and group coaching from Joy & Associates.

Who is Joy Huntsman?

My name is Joy and I am a certified master coach. As a Master Life Coach, I provide a "mirror" so that you can see yourself and your circumstances clearly. This enables you to see that which you may have trouble seeing on your own. I help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you prefer to be. You are given a safe place and space to tell your truth, to speak without judgment, and to be heard. I remind you of your talents and strengths when you question your ability or self-worth. Sometimes, you may feel like you've been shut down, and as a coach, I help you overcome disappointments, disillusionment, and rejection.
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