What Are Your Expectations For 2024

How you lived your life in 2020 will give you the clues and insights into what to do and what to avoid in 2024.

Journaling provides a way to take a journey "in words" and reflect "inwards" on your life. This course was designed for you to discover new perspectives, uncover dreams yet fulfilled, and find the courage to let go of thoughts and behaviors that keep you from living your best life now. Your journal gives you a place where you can tell your truth, release your feelings, and make peace with the past.

How would you like to set your intentions for 2024 and end the year without regrets?

How you lived your life in 2019 will give you the clues and insights into what to do and what to avoid in 2024 so that you can end the year with a true celebration on a life well-lived.

Let’s look at the expectations you had of yourself this year. Were your expectations realistic? Did you expect to be a perfect husband, wife, mother, daughter, son, sibling, boss, employer, etc.? Did you expect to do more, create more, have more, be more in 2019?

Did you project your expectations of yourself on others? Did you expect those you love and care about to show you the same love, respect, appreciation, loyalty, etc., that you expected of yourself?

The secret to living a life without regrets is to be fiercely honest with acceptance, and it starts with accepting self. It’s not an excuse to be less than what you’re capable of being or to justify not caring enough to do what you know is the right action. We can’t be more if we lie to ourselves and to others. We cannot do more if we choose to be lazy. We can’t have more if we believe there isn’t enough for all of us.

I have discovered that my biggest regrets in life came from my expectations of myself. I had a warped view of my standards. I had to examine them and ask myself if they were my standards or the expectations that others had set for me. Who was I living my life for? To win the approval of my father, which then spilled over to winning the approval of men in general? Or to win acknowledgment from somebody in my past who wasn’t even alive anymore? When I gave myself permission to set my standards and preferences for how I wanted to live my life, to prioritize what was truly important to me, and to accept and love myself with all my flaws and imperfections, that’s when I began to live my life joyfully.

And the biggest discovery was when I looked at my expectations of others. My expectations were based on judging someone else on what I expected from them. When I stopped judging myself, I noticed I wasn’t judging others. I wasn’t expecting them to be how I wanted them to be! I just accepted that they were who they are. This sounds so simple. However, it was the most powerful and transformational change within myself that has affected everything in my life. It was liberating.

When I got honest with myself and reviewed my life and looked at heartbreaks, disappointments, failures, financial loss, broken agreements—they all had a familiar thread—an expectation of someone else that wasn’t realistic. How could I hold a grudge, feel anger, or be disappointed in another person when I had no control over their behavior? Yes, I can influence, I can pray, and I can hope for the best. I can choose to see someone better than they see themselves. However, I cannot control another’s choice, and it’s not my job!

I have a library full of books on philosophy, the science of people, and psychology, and because I’m a life coach, I also have a lot of books on personal development authored by some of our foremost motivational speakers. However, the two most important books I own that inspire me to be my best are the Bible and the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Rivera. In the Bible, Mark 12:31 says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It starts with loving yourself so that you can love another.

And first of the four agreements is to be impeccable with your words. Not only the words you share with others but also the words we say to ourselves. The second agreement is to not take things personally. Wow, what a blow to the ego to discover the world does not revolve around yourself! It’s also a reminder of what I’m expecting and how I’m judging. Then there is the third agreement, to not make assumptions. I have learned that the truth will set you free! So, always do your research and look for the truth in all things. Lastly, the fourth agreement is to be your best. That ties into Mark 12:31 because if you love yourself, you will appreciate who you are, you will live your life with the best intentions, and you will end 2024 celebrating a life well-lived.

The Gift of Self Workshop

Sometimes it can be difficult to “love oneself,” especially if you’ve been a harsh critique rather than a lifelong friend who knows everything about you and loves you anyway! If you have past regrets, or are facing some difficult challenges, then I recommend you enroll in the Gift of Self Workshop.

This two-day retreat is a transformational experience that enables people to believe in themselves, go for their dreams, and create extraordinary results in their lives. The purpose of the Gift of Self is to facilitate individuals to discover that they have their own answers to their life challenges.

We empower participants to trust their answers and make choices that come from that centered place within each of us. We believe that people have the power to manifest their dreams once they become clear on what they want. With clarity comes the opportunity to design a life by choice, not by circumstances. Living life by one’s design is to be in a relationship with yourself and to live life joyfully.

My coaches and I encourage you to look at your life and consider the issues or challenges that you are facing currently. Consider how your life would be different if you didn’t have these issues and know that the answers lie within you and are readily available to you. In the Gift of Self Workshop, you will learn how to tap into your “internal guidance system” easily and effectively whenever you want an answer to your life’s questions. You become your own best friend, creating a relationship with yourself!

Objectives for the Workshop:

• To formulate goals and objectives
• To strategize lifelong dreams
• To resolve old issues
• To clear up communication breakdowns or blocks
• To solve problems
• To get a new perspective on a specific situation
• To have a sounding board
• To have a judgment-free environment to say the unsayable (especially if they are highly visible personalities)
• To get “unstuck” from old behavior patterns
• To expand to the next level of your life and breakthrough an issue that you have been unable to conquer alone

What are your expectations for 2024?

Enroll here today in the Gift of Self Workshop and end this year with a life well-lived with no regrets!

You can also call 702-721-8569 to talk to one of our coaches right now!

It’s never too late to start the New Year with a focus on being your best self. Mention “New Year’s Gift” to receive 50% off tuition. The next workshop is January 11th and 12th in Las Vegas, NV.

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